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Teaching hair psychology to students

Teaching hair psychology

Not all hair is created equal. Despite what nature might dole out; whether curls, waves, frizzy locks or something else, the right tools and knowledge can more than make up the difference. The right knowledge about some hidden truths related to hair also has to be passed on in the classroom and in the hands-on… Read More »

Hair Envy

Why we should embrace our hair envy

When I was younger, I looked like one of those tiny tots you see in films with angelic curls and rosy cheeks. But as I got older, I found that I hit the hair wall that many people approach as appearances (and the opposite sex) became important – why can’t I have hair like them?… Read More »

Hot Curls

Longing for heavenly hair? Here is how to get it!

Lusting over soft, bouncy waves a la SofíaVergara? Or do sleek ‘I mean business’ styles which simply ooze sophistication tickle your fancy? Either way, healthy, well-conditioned hair and the correct tools for the job are an absolute must!   Smokin’ hot curls 1. Begin by washing your hair with sulfate-free, antioxidant-rich Modern Organic Products C-Curl… Read More »

Hairdressing Salon

What is a good London hairdresser worth?

What do you expect from your local London hairdresser? A basic run of the mill hair cut for less than the price of a bus ride home, a slightly better hair cut for a few pounds more or a fantastic hair cut for a realistic and reasonable price? The latter is the obvious choice for… Read More »

hairdressing equipment

Hairdressing equipment for the minimal hairdresser

What is the minimum hairdressing equipment a hairdresser needs? For a basic wash, cut and finish, all a hairdresser needs is a good pair of scissors, both sharp and comfortable to use and a couple of good professional combs. It is a good idea to have more than one comb in case one is lost… Read More »

nvq hairdressing book

NVQ Hairdressing Book

Revise NVQ hairdressing theory with this useful hairdressing book,
'The Hairdresser's Guide To Hairdressing'.
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