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Discretion and the DPA

Never talk about clients to other clients or staff and allow clients to talk to you in the strictest of confidence. If this is not up held, the reputation of your salon could be damaged.

For example, you might tell client (a) that the client (b) before them had a bad case of ringworm recently. If client (a) were to mention to client (b), "I hope your ringworm cleared up ok." Then client (b) may not be too happy and refuse to enter your salon again. This type of publicity for a salon is not good at all.

As a registered data user with the DPA (data protection act) you must give a client full access to all personal data at all times. You must make sure that the information is correct and accurate because the client would have the right to obtain compensation if damage is suffered from inaccurate information. A client can also claim compensation for loss or unauthorised disclosure.

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