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Recognising infections

Suspected infection is when a client is thought to have an infectious disease such as impetigo or a fungi infection such as ringworm.

Recognising infections - By carrying out a full head and scalp analysis, these infections can be spotted.

Impetigo - caused by streptococci can be recognised by blisters on the outer epidermis of the skin which dry to form a yellow crust.

Boils - caused by staphylococci can be recognised by inflammation and the development of pus in the hair follicles.

Barbers itch - caused by staphylococci can be noticed by small pustules forming around each hair of the beard.

Ringworm - This will attack dead tissue of the epidermis and the hair shafts.

Tinea capitis - This can be noticed by pink patches on the scalp which develop into round, grey, scaly areas with broken hairs.

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