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Drying hair

Blowdrying Products

Hairspray, A Lacquer that gives hold and support. Used after hair has been dried into shape. Spray where desired...
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Blowdrying Tools

An electrical appliance, in the shape of a hand gun, that blows heat through a barrel like chamber. Used to blow dry wet hair into desired shape. Use on its own for finger drying or in conjunction with a desired brush...
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Hair Brushing

Brushing your hair not only keeps it in shape and tangle free, but promotes new growth by stimulating nerve endings and blood supply...
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Hair and Lifestyle

If you live a very athletic lifestyle or regularly work in a dusty atmosphere and find yourself washing your hair on a daily basis, use a very mild shampoo such as a baby shampoo...
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Hair and Diet

You are what you eat! Just as a plant needs fertile soil and water to grow, your hair needs vital vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. By eating a healthy, well balanced diet you can improve the health of your hair...
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Drying with Brushes

Usually, drying with brushes leaves a smooth or sleek finnish to hair with plenty of lift. Using the vent brush or denman, the hair is taken into small sections and held in the teeth of the brush while dried...
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Hand drying and diffuser drying

Usually a technique used for clients with curly hair or to achieve a more natural or broken feel. The hair is held lightly between the fingers and the end of the hair is dried with a hand drier...
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Blowdrying science

Wet hair stretches because the temporary bonds that join the polypeptide chains in the cortex are broken. However, they quickly rejoin into a new shape when blowdrying the hair (also, setting applies)...
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Hair straightening

Hair straightening has been around for many years. This is mainly due to the fact that people with very curly hair wish they were born with sleek straight hair. This doesn't mean that only people with curly hair want a method to straighten it. Even people with relatively straight hair sometimes need to iron out the odd curl or straighten...
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Hair straighteners

There are many different types of hair straighteners to choose from depending on the type of hair you have and the general style you wish to achieve. There are different hair straighteners with features most suitable for long or short hair and ones designed for fine or thick hair. Finding the right one for your type of hair will make it easier to create the styles you want...
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