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Hair colour

Temporary hair colour

Most temporary colours are applied in mousse form, scrunched into the hair using rubber gloves. There are also colour gels, sprays and rinses. All temporary colours should disappear after the first wash...
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Semi Permanent hair colour

semi permanent hair colours last for six to eight washes and can be applied in various ways using techniques such as, all over colour, hi/low lights, spot colour and scrunch in colour. semi permanent hair colours are good for clients who...
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Permanent hair colour

Permanent hair colouring is, as it says, PERMANENT. It can be good for correcting unwanted colour (covering white hair) altering the tone and depth of natural colour, for fashion or alternative colour...
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Lightening and bleaching hair

Powder bleach may dry out during application. Although, oil (emulsion) is easier to apply, you must still make sure all the hair receives sufficient product. When using bleach, watch out for sensitive skin...
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Effects of bleaching hair

Oxidising agents in the bleach break down to release oxygen. The oxygen penetrates the hair shaft, de-colouring the pigments...
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Hi and Lo light techniques

CAPPED: Comb hair into position. Fit cap firmly. Pull correct amount of hair through the cap at a ninety degree angle and apply colour...
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Colour wheel and corrective hair colour

The 'colour wheel' and 'star' is made up of three primary colours (red, blue, yellow) and three secondary colours (green, orange, violet). Each primary and secondary colour has an opposite...
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ICC system

The ICC (international colour code) system is a tool that the hairdresser and client need to refer to during a hair colouring consultation. Shade guides, showing samples of coloured nylon hair, are designed around the ICC system...
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Skin tests

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system, which is the body's normal defence against dangerous foreign substances, mistakes a normally harmless substance for an invader, such as a virus.
How to perform a skin test on a client.
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