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Laser Comb for hair loss

What are laser combs?

A laser comb is used to promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. Like a plant needs water and and soil to grow, the hair folicle needs a healthy blood flow to the scalp to remain healthy. The human scalp does not contain any mussles and therefore does not move very much. This can limit the regular blood flow to the scalp. The movement or massage of the scalp will create better blood flow and stimulate the hair folicle.

Laser combs consist of 14 or more light diodes that will generate a mix of heat and light energy that work in various ways to stimulate the hair follicles and promote better hair growth. The laser combs use Low Level Laser Therapy, the same technology used in hair clinics around the world.

Although laser combs are pretty expensive compared to your average hair brush, they are safe to use and will inevitably become part of every day use. Like the electric toothbrush is used daily for oral hygene, the laser comb will be used daily to maintain a healthy head of hair.

Just like a regular hair brush, the laser comb can be used by both men and women. Using a laser comb for 10 minutes a day to brush hair will stimulate the scalp and improve the quality and thickness of hair. Laser combs can be used by anyone suffering from hair loss.

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