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Alkylbenzene is a liquid hydrocarbon petroleum by-product and is treated with concentrated Sulphuric acid and made into acidic Alkyl Sulphonates or Hydrogen Sulphates. This is followed by neutralisation with...
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The range of Hair Shampoo now available

Hair Shampoo today contains soapless detergents that do not react with hard water like older soap detergents. Soapless hair shampoo is naturally neutral or slightly Alkaline and is very strong in degreasing the scalp...
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Herbs and their affects on hair

Calendula: Moisturising for long hair, Regulating, Contains Carotenoids (balance of skin and hair)...
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How to shampoo and condition hair

First you must thoroughly wet the hair with cool or warm water. Hot water creates too much steam and will dry out your hair. Add a small amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand (size of a 10 pence coin)...
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Shampoo and Conditioning Treatments for hair

Dry Hair: Use any oil or wax based shampoo's, leave in conditioners and hot oil tretments containing almond, coconut or sunflower oils, may help...
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The History of Hair Shampoo

Soap has been around from as early as 600bc and was made from various animal fats and wood or plant ashes containing potassium carbonate...
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The Manufacture of Hair Shampoo

Soapless hair shampoo or synthetic detergents are usually made from one of three things...
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The Soap Tax

In the 13th and 14th Centuries, soap-makers had to pay tax on the soap they produced. After the Napoleonic Wars, this soap tax rose as high as three pence per pound. Tax collectors would lock the soap-boiling pans...
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Soapless shampoo for hair

The majority of liquid shampoos in use today, are generaly termed as soapless shampoo, are based on the alkyl sulphates, and the most widely used of which is triethanolamine lauryl sulphate...
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Types of hair conditioner

Ordinary conditioning creams are emulsions which work in a similar way to the hairs natural grease. They coat the hair in a thin film filling in some of the gaps in the broken scales so the hair becomes more shiny and manageable...
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