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Q1: The main reason for applying surface conditioners to the hair is to

Q2: Which ONE of the following should be checked regularly for safety?

Q3: Which ONE of the following ingredients can be found in shampoo for dry hair?

Q4: Which ONE of the following would be classed as confidential information and should never be given out?

Q5: What are the most important details to record when making an appointment?

Q6: Which ONE of the following is an example of non-verbal communication?

Q7: It is important to pass on client concerns promptly to the relevant person so that

Q8: What does COSHH stand for?

Q9: Which one of the following types of fire extinguishers must not be used on fires in electrical equipment?

Q10: When should the sterilisation of tools take place?

Q11: What is the pH of a permanent colour?

Q12: What effect does perm lotion have on the hair structure?

Q13: What effect does heat have when permanently colouring hair?

Q14: What is the main effect of temporary colour on hair?

Q15: Which ONE of the following water temperatures should be used to remove bleach from the hair?

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