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Maintaining Client Care Quiz Test

Q1: What should you do if a client is found to have head lice?
Wear protective rubber gloves
Inform other clients of the problem
Tell the client to seek medical advice

Q2: What does DPA stand for?
Discreet Professional Advice
Data Protection Act
Dry Perming Acid

Q3: Which one of these is a naturally occurring hair growth pattern?
Bulls Eye
Cows Lick
Cattle Prod

Q4: Which one of these is a type of hair infection?
Hairdressers Itch
Barbers Itch
Follicle Itch

Q5: What are the eggs of head lice called?

Q6: Why should you carry out a skin test?
So that the client will become immune to tints
To see if an allergic reaction occurs
So that a better colour can be acheived

Q7: What do you call people who are prone to allergic reactions?

Q8: What should you do if a client has a small cut on the scalp?
Refuse to carry out any treatment on the client
Inform the client before proceeding carefuly with any treatment
Carry out any treatment without alarming the client

Q9: How are Itch Mites recognised?
By small white eggs fixed at the root of the hair
By small yellow crusts on the scalp
By small red lines beneath the skin

Q10: If a client asks for their personal data what should you do?
Allow them full access to the data
Allow them limited access to the data
Tell them that it is stricly confidential

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