Happy feet for hairdressers!

hairdressing footwearWe all thought our lives had changed forever when brightly colored moulded plastic shoes with holes in arrived in shoe shops everywhere. We found that we could fashion them individually with jibbitz and us hairdressers could look fashionable and stand for many hours in our hairdressing salons.

Now we have discovered that medical staff, whilst walking around in hospitals wearing Crocs can discharge static into medical equipment and consequently they have been banned in some hospitals. A report claimed that the Croc wearer caused ‘clouds of lightening’ due to a build up of electricity.

Should we hairdressers be concerned that whilst holding our electric hairdryers or hair straighteners whilst wearing Crocs on our feet will  cause our clients hair to be so full of static that their hair may stand on end. Or could something even more sinister happen like a bit of a shock? Will we have  have to ask our Croc wearing clients to leave their foot wear at the door?

So whatever gets you through the day, whether it is 6 inch plus heels, boots, flip flops, or running shoes, happy feet are essential for comfort and safety in any hairdressing salon.

Source: Hair Heads

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  • shanna  22:44 Jan 19, 2012 

    I love wearing heels but crocks are definately more comfortable. fashion is a bitch!

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