GHD – The mini gift of Gold this festive season

GHD Gold Mini StylerEvery year the festive season creeps up on us and we are presented with all sorts of gift ideas for family and friends at bargain prices. Now is the time to secure that special gift for that special person and take advantage of all the special deals and voucher codes available. (see below for voucher codes) But what do you get them to make them feel special? We all feel better when we are looking good. So why not give them what they want? The GHD Gold Mini Styler will have someone looking good and feeling good time and time again. Curling hair, twisting hair, straightening hair, creating flicks and waves or that all important bounce. All this can be created with the GHD Mini Styler.

The GHD brand sets the standard when it comes to professional heat styling products. Quality products create quality results.

Take a look at the features:

- Static-free shine is guaranteed with the use of Ceramic Heaters.
- Flicks, curls, kinks and waves are created using the rounded barrel.
- Pressure is kept evenly ditributed across your hair using unique floating plates.
- Travel anywhere with the use of a universal voltage control.
- If unattended the Styler will turn off after 30 minutes with it’s safety sleep mode.
- The cord is kept tangle free with a swivel cord attachment.
- On/Off Button; No need to unplug it anymore!

All this is great but what is the cost of the GHD Styler? At the time of publishing the Gorgeous Shop has the GHD Mini Styler selling at £119 in their Christmas Sale. Not only that, but you can save a further £5 when you spend £60 at the Gorgeous Shop using a special voucher code.

Just enter this code at checkout:

GHD Voucher Code – GS2786842

Promotion Expires – 30-11-2011

The GHD Gold Mini Styler from the Gorgeous Shop.

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  • Auth  14:04 Feb 19, 2012 

    Don’t wrap the cord around the straighteners, keep the cord as straight as possible. If the plates become dirty, when cold use a peice of tissue and a little drop of makeup remover on the tissue and wipe over the plates to keep them in top condition.

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