Hair Salon Fear and Client Care

Many people have a fear of going to a hair salon.

It can be quite daunting to go into a salon for the first time.  The hair salon may have been highly recommended and assurances given about their friendly and professional staff, however this may not be enough for the client who is crippled with fear.

Popular hair salons are usually bright happy places where the staff all look like they should all be on the covers of  glossy magazines. Good background music gives a party atmosphere where everyone seems to know everyone else and this is what our new customer walks into.

Imagine the scared client feeling alienated from the social gathering before them. They may panic and run away or just stand still glued to the spot unable to move. Our fearful client may have plucked up the courage to make the appointment because she’s a new mum with not much time for herself  and she may be feeling quite drab. Another hair phobic client may not have been near a hair salon for years and their hair may be so long it could be dragging along the ground.

If one of the beautiful staff can guide our drab feeling client to the backwash with a smile and give them a gentle hair wash and head massage it should relax them.  But when the dynamic hairdresser appears in black clothes and body piercing suggesting a change of hair colour, the client may agree to a a deep red, the colour of blood because they were too scared to say no. The haircut and colour however that our drab client received along with great conversation hopefully made them feel confident and happy enough to make another appointment to the hair salon.

As hairdressers we do want our clients to feel confident not just with their hair but also themselves.

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  • admin  21:14 Sep 21, 2011 

    so if we as hairdressers are’nt confident enough to take care of the situation, and help to make our clients feel confident, then our clients aren’t really or clients, and will never feel confident! …i like it!

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