Club cutting for the perfect bob

We all love the perfect bob, but not everyone has the perfect hair for it.

Clients with thick straight hair have an advantage when requesting a bob. Their hair can easily be cut to one length and textured to break up a solid shape, and it will still keep its volume and have movement.

Sadly the client who dreams of having a bob but has fine, lifeless hair needs a club cut which is actually not as vicious as it sounds.

Taking small sections of hair and stretching them at your chosen angles, then cutting straight across the hair mesh is called club cutting. The best results for attaining this perfect precision club cut is to use scissors with very small blades. If the blades of your scissors are too long, only use the tips and make very small quick cuts.

Your client who always complained about her lank useless hair should now be delighted with a perfect club cut bob especially if you have also given her a few highlights.

So get clubbing you amazing hairdressers.

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  • ronny  14:05 Mar 15, 2012 

    Your site is te best, this is just what i was looking for!

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