Hairdressing equipment for the minimal hairdresser

hairdressing equipmentWhat is the minimum hairdressing equipment a hairdresser needs?

For a basic wash, cut and finish, all a hairdresser needs is a good pair of scissors, both sharp and comfortable to use and a couple of good professional combs. It is a good idea to have more than one comb in case one is lost or damaged. Thinning scissors are not essential, but will become useful when you explore new styles, combinations and textures. A nice wallet or small case to store your scissors and comb is a good idea because it keeps them neat, safe, clean and easy to find and store. You will need around half a dozen hair clips that you find easy to use. They must be strong enough to hold the hair in place but gentle enough to stop any damage to hair. A hairdresser will also need a water spray bottle to keep the hair slick and wet when cutting hair.

For drying and styling, a good professional hairdryer with multiple speeds and heat combinations is needed. You will also need a basic blow drying and styling brush. You could also have a set of round brushes for blow drying and styling, but this is not essential.

This is the basic minimum hairdressing equipment a hairdresser needs to complete a basic wash, cut and finish, minus any products.

But what about hairdressing products?

Besides shampoo and conditioner for when the hair is being washed, what products are needed to complete a basic wash, cut and finish? This depends on the style that is to be achieved. When blow drying you can use a styling mousse to give control and lift to the hair. When the hair has been dried and the style is short you could use a good wax or gel to hold and complete the look. If the style is long and wavy or curly you could use a mild hairspray to give a little hold to the finished look. There are many professional products to use on hair that will help to achieve a different finish. They use words like body, shine, lift, hold, bounce etc… Only with experimentation will you know what works best for what look you are trying to achieve.

Compared to the many hairdressing tools and products that are available to the hairdresser, a hairdresser only needs a minimal amount of hairdressing equipment to cut, style and create a finished look.

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  • Ren  00:03 Jun 09, 2012 

    I too cut the hair @ our house… even my own! My hubby likes the short cut (#1 or #2 on the clipper amatchtent–depending on the season). My oldest also has the curly hair, very forgiving!! My youngest, sad to say has the thin and straight hair, page boys are the easiest and cutest I think! Saves lots of money for sure!!!

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