Barbers do it better – Scissor over comb

For scissor or clipper over comb hair cutting, barbers are considered to be experts.

Their techniques have been handed down through generations and it would benefit students of hairdressing to spend time watching them at work. They have mastered close to the head hair cutting for men but because women now wear very short hairstyles they will often need scissor over comb cuts.

With your comb in your left hand lift a section of hair beginning at the hairline. Using scissors with long blades and using your right hand cut off the hair that is protruding through the comb. Practice scissor over comb only using your thumb and upper blade and try not to move your lower blade. Make quick cuts using centre of the blade to the tips. Change angles with your comb and work with the shape of the head.

The haircut can be simply explained but it may take a lot of practice before one can produce sharp clean scissor over comb hairstyles so check out your barbers and they may even show you their hair etchings.

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