The hairdressing job you deserve

After three years at college and 2 years improving at a salon, you may feel that you do not have the job you deserve.

You may have dreamt of working for a well known chain or the most fun and fashionable salon in the country. If this is the case one must be prepared to travel or move. Make yourself known to the management but never be annoying. Send pictures and profile and write to vacant hairdressing jobs asking for an interview.

Part of your training should leave you with the confidence of knowing exactly which type of salon would suit you. Being part of a team in a salon means that employers needs to know whether you will fit in. They may ask you to do some extra training with them, just to bring you up to their standards.

Having your dream job means hard work and dedication but you will be rewarded every day because you love what you do.

If you get the job you deserve you will probably get the clients you deserve.

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