Teaching hair psychology

Teaching hair psychology to studentsNot all hair is created equal. Despite what nature might dole out; whether curls, waves, frizzy locks or something else, the right tools and knowledge can more than make up the difference. The right knowledge about some hidden truths related to hair also has to be passed on in the classroom and in the hands-on hair laboratory. Hairdressing students want to know more than what the textbook tells them.

These students, also referred to as cosmetology students, have to understand how to help equal the playing field for clients who come to them with hair woes. They need to know what’s going on inside that head as much as they need to know what’s growing out of its follicles.

“Getting them to love it is part skill, part science,
and part public relations.”


So what does the teacher say when the books have taken the student only so far?

a student with hairdressing text booksOne important message might center around accepting the fact that people love to hate their hair. Getting them to love it is part skill, part science, and part public relations. Teachers should make certain that students know that people are dissatisfied with largely unchangeable features related to their hair. Certainly a new color, a straightener, a method for adding curls, or other ways to tame and change hair should be in the arsenal of the teacher’s toolbox. She should also pass on some of this hair psychology to the hairdressing student.

Follicle Genes

close up image of the hair geneTake, for example, genetics. If one family member has dark hair and every other family member (siblings, mother, father) are fair-headed, this may present a problem for that one family member. Even if they understand genetics, and have other confirmed evidence that they are tied to the other family members by blood, they may harbor some self-esteem issues with their natural hair color.

What people think

Certainly, one must teach hair dressing and cosmetology students skill, show them the different dynamics of hair care, explain the ways and means to get the best results out of various types of hair. But, at the end of the day, hairdressing or cosmetology students need to know a lot more about what people think and feel about the hair with which they are endowed.

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