Bad hair days for hairdressers

There are some days in the salon our hairdressers would like to forget.

“You have cut it too short!”
Your client complains and you know there is not an instant remedy for this. No amount of compliments will console. Not cutting it short enough of course is never a problem. You can always cut more hair off but sadly the only options left for your disappointed client are hair extensions or offering them free color or treatment.

“But it doesn’t look like the picture!”
No of course it doesn’t because your client may not look like the top model whose features have been airbrushed for the magazine they are holding. Magazine pictures can be very helpful for the hairdresser to understand what type of hairstyle their client wants. The client may get the hairstyle they want but they may never look exactly like the picture because their hair textures may be completely different.

“Is that blood?”
Now this is embarrassing for the hairdresser and the client. When it is obviously the clients blood that is slowly trickling down their neck grab cotton wool and stem the flow. It may not be a main artery but little nicks can bleed a lot. The worst kind of cuts can occur on wriggling children’s ears. Parents will not be happy and the hairdresser will be blamed. If the blood is flowing from the hairdresser however from a small cut between their fingers, they should laugh a lot and wrap a plaster around it as this will happen a lot.

Bad hair days will fade into distant memories and you hard working, dedicated hairdressers can get on with the responsibility  of giving your clients their good hair days.

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  • Derik  12:49 Feb 19, 2012 

    Thanks Ange! My hair is actually much much curlier than this the lovely hairdresser had blow dried it for these photos. Hope you’ve found a better hairdresser now they’re very difficult to come by

  • shamila  13:06 May 17, 2012 

    that is so true hehe x

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