Trust me I am your hairdresser

‘I’m not fussy you can do whatever you want!’
Clients frequently say this to their hairdressers but is this complete trust in their hairdresser or utter stupidity?

A client who claims they are not fussy could be implying that they do not care what their hair looks like. It is quite possible to assume that everyone cares about their hair because if the ‘I’m not fussy’ client was given an inappropriate cut or color they could be very upset.

During the years of training to be a hairdresser when your block heads never complained it was the time to do whatever you wanted whilst learning the skills, expressing creativity and laying a foundations for the future.

Trust from a client can be complimentary but hairdressers should not take advantage of their clients and do whatever they want. Would your client really look good with a black bob, a red mohican or an asymmetric fringe? Of course it may be very tempting to do this to that very special client but for the sake of salon harmony it would be better to help your ‘not fussy’ client and encourage them to be confident and enjoy their hair. A client who knows their hair and is able to communicate exactly what they want can be rewarding for the hairdresser because it is never boring to hear a client say that they would like their hair cut or colored exactly the same as last time. This means that they have enjoyed how they have looked and of course they have returned to the salon.

Complete trust from a client can take years but that client will follow their hairdresser everywhere.

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