GHD – The mini gift of Gold this festive season

Every year the festive season creeps up on us and we are presented with all sorts of gift ideas for family and friends at bargain prices. Now is the time to secure that special gift for that special person and take advantage of all the special deals and voucher codes available. (see below for voucher… Read More »

Glamtech – Stripes are back!

Professional hairdressing scissors don’t need to lack style in order to be both accurate and comfortable to use. Glamtech’s Slim Zebra Professional Scissors have been designed to be both beautiful and professional with a reasonable price tag. The Japanese steel blades, have been hand ground and triple heat treated for a smooth and precise hair… Read More »

Neals Yard – Treat your hair

Do we rely too much on chemical formulas? We are all guilty of being persuaded by the media that anything new will do wonders for our hair. We buy it, run home, plop it on our heads and put our trust in the fact that a new product will magically transform our dull and lifeless… Read More »

Cloud Nine – The new GHD

When technology and innovation has been exploited to create products that become part of your every day life, you wonder how you ever lived without them. But you never wonder what could be round the corner. What could be better than what we already have. For years we have seen the market overflowing with hair… Read More »

BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Conical Wand

The desire to curl and wave hair has been around since the early egyptians and that desire is still with us. But fortunatley we don’t need to use sticks, mud and boiling water to create curls like the Egyptians did. We are fortunate enough to have a magic wand to help us. I am of… Read More »

Fudge Paintbox – semi permanant colours

If you are looking for a semi permanent colour solution that won’t damage your hair, then Fudge Paintbox colours are for you. These semi permanant colours from Fudge are 100% Ammonia and Peroxide Free! As well as intense, vibrant colour, these semi permanemt colours from Fudge lock in moisture leaving your hair nourished and beautifully… Read More »