Why we should embrace our hair envy

When I was younger, I looked like one of those tiny tots you see in films with angelic curls and rosy cheeks. But as I got older, I found that I hit the hair wall that many people approach as appearances (and the opposite sex) became important – why can’t I have hair like them?… Read More »

Longing for heavenly hair? Here is how to get it!

Lusting over soft, bouncy waves a la SofíaVergara? Or do sleek ‘I mean business’ styles which simply ooze sophistication tickle your fancy? Either way, healthy, well-conditioned hair and the correct tools for the job are an absolute must!   Smokin’ hot curls 1. Begin by washing your hair with sulfate-free, antioxidant-rich Modern Organic Products C-Curl… Read More »

Turning heads with hair etchings

What are hair etchings? Also known as hair carving or hair tattoos, hair etching is a technique used in hairdressing to add imagery to sections of short hair. For a while now, guys who have predominantly short hair, have been leaving the barbers with a couple of tram lines neatly clippered into their hair to… Read More »

Bang on Hairstyle Trends!

It seems that bang hairstyles are maintaining their popularity as hairstylists are constantly improving the look of bangs hairstyles just to avoid entering a hair styling routine which is not ideal. Bangs hairstyles have maintained a top position among women since they were first invented and this has helped bangs hairstyles become a huge trend.… Read More »

Bad hair days for hairdressers

There are some days in the salon our hairdressers would like to forget. “You have cut it too short!” Your client complains and you know there is not an instant remedy for this. No amount of compliments will console. Not cutting it short enough of course is never a problem. You can always cut more… Read More »

Club cutting for the perfect bob

We all love the perfect bob, but not everyone has the perfect hair for it. Clients with thick straight hair have an advantage when requesting a bob. Their hair can easily be cut to one length and textured to break up a solid shape, and it will still keep its volume and have movement. Sadly… Read More »

Beyond the fringe

Love them or loathe them fringes may be here to stay. There are of course suitable fringes for all types of hair to have fun with. Hairstyles like the page boy bob with a thick length of hair cut straight across the forehead have been with us since the 1940′s.  The most famous fringes came… Read More »