Teaching hair psychology

Not all hair is created equal. Despite what nature might dole out; whether curls, waves, frizzy locks or something else, the right tools and knowledge can more than make up the difference. The right knowledge about some hidden truths related to hair also has to be passed on in the classroom and in the hands-on… Read More »

Why we should embrace our hair envy

When I was younger, I looked like one of those tiny tots you see in films with angelic curls and rosy cheeks. But as I got older, I found that I hit the hair wall that many people approach as appearances (and the opposite sex) became important – why can’t I have hair like them?… Read More »

The H factor – Vitamin H for hair

No matter what we do, sometimes our hair doesn’t look as healthy as we would want it to. We try looking after it by using various lotions and potions but nothing seems to work and we wonder why. But looking after our hair in the long term is just as important and may be something… Read More »