Teaching hair psychology

Not all hair is created equal. Despite what nature might dole out; whether curls, waves, frizzy locks or something else, the right tools and knowledge can more than make up the difference. The right knowledge about some hidden truths related to hair also has to be passed on in the classroom and in the hands-on… Read More »

Hairdressing service or hairdressing job?

When a client decides to get their hair done, it’s a good idea to remember what the client is actually paying for. They are not buying a tangible product (unless they decide to buy hair products before they leave the salon). They are paying for a skilled service. As hairdressers, it is our job to… Read More »

Trust me I am your hairdresser

‘I’m not fussy you can do whatever you want!’ Clients frequently say this to their hairdressers but is this complete trust in their hairdresser or utter stupidity? A client who claims they are not fussy could be implying that they do not care what their hair looks like. It is quite possible to assume that… Read More »

Hair Salon Fear and Client Care

Many people have a fear of going to a hair salon. It can be quite daunting to go into a salon for the first time.  The hair salon may have been highly recommended and assurances given about their friendly and professional staff, however this may not be enough for the client who is crippled with… Read More »