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What is a good London hairdresser worth?

What do you expect from your local London hairdresser? A basic run of the mill hair cut for less than the price of a bus ride home, a slightly better hair cut for a few pounds more or a fantastic hair cut for a realistic and reasonable price? The latter is the obvious choice for… Read More »

Happy feet for hairdressers!

We all thought our lives had changed forever when brightly colored moulded plastic shoes with holes in arrived in shoe shops everywhere. We found that we could fashion them individually with jibbitz and us hairdressers could look fashionable and stand for many hours in our hairdressing salons. Now we have discovered that medical staff, whilst… Read More »

Trust me I am your hairdresser

‘I’m not fussy you can do whatever you want!’ Clients frequently say this to their hairdressers but is this complete trust in their hairdresser or utter stupidity? A client who claims they are not fussy could be implying that they do not care what their hair looks like. It is quite possible to assume that… Read More »