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The H factor – Vitamin H for hair

No matter what we do, sometimes our hair doesn’t look as healthy as we would want it to. We try looking after it by using various lotions and potions but nothing seems to work and we wonder why. But looking after our hair in the long term is just as important and may be something… Read More »

Bang on Hairstyle Trends!

It seems that bang hairstyles are maintaining their popularity as hairstylists are constantly improving the look of bangs hairstyles just to avoid entering a hair styling routine which is not ideal. Bangs hairstyles have maintained a top position among women since they were first invented and this has helped bangs hairstyles become a huge trend.… Read More »

Hairdressing service or hairdressing job?

When a client decides to get their hair done, it’s a good idea to remember what the client is actually paying for. They are not buying a tangible product (unless they decide to buy hair products before they leave the salon). They are paying for a skilled service. As hairdressers, it is our job to… Read More »

H is for hairdressing

Finding the latest news and views in the hairdressing world is now only a click away. is a new online magazine about the hairdressing industry. Their dedication to the subject of hairdressing is obvious when visiting the site as they cover many subjects including hairdressing events, awards and shows and publish reviews and news.… Read More »

Financing your hairdressing salon

To set up, expand or modernise hairdressing salons all require money. Quite often this money isn’t just sitting in our bank accounts ready for us to use and has to be found. Hairdressing salons can make use of various forms of finance, in particular commercial mortgages, business loans, asset finance and also a new form… Read More »

Happy feet for hairdressers!

We all thought our lives had changed forever when brightly colored moulded plastic shoes with holes in arrived in shoe shops everywhere. We found that we could fashion them individually with jibbitz and us hairdressers could look fashionable and stand for many hours in our hairdressing salons. Now we have discovered that medical staff, whilst… Read More »

Trust me I am your hairdresser

‘I’m not fussy you can do whatever you want!’ Clients frequently say this to their hairdressers but is this complete trust in their hairdresser or utter stupidity? A client who claims they are not fussy could be implying that they do not care what their hair looks like. It is quite possible to assume that… Read More »

Bad hair days for hairdressers

There are some days in the salon our hairdressers would like to forget. “You have cut it too short!” Your client complains and you know there is not an instant remedy for this. No amount of compliments will console. Not cutting it short enough of course is never a problem. You can always cut more… Read More »

The hairdressing job you deserve

After three years at college and 2 years improving at a salon, you may feel that you do not have the job you deserve. You may have dreamt of working for a well known chain or the most fun and fashionable salon in the country. If this is the case one must be prepared to… Read More »

Club cutting for the perfect bob

We all love the perfect bob, but not everyone has the perfect hair for it. Clients with thick straight hair have an advantage when requesting a bob. Their hair can easily be cut to one length and textured to break up a solid shape, and it will still keep its volume and have movement. Sadly… Read More »