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Hairdressing service or hairdressing job?

When a client decides to get their hair done, it’s a good idea to remember what the client is actually paying for. They are not buying a tangible product (unless they decide to buy hair products before they leave the salon). They are paying for a skilled service. As hairdressers, it is our job to… Read More »

Happy feet for hairdressers!

We all thought our lives had changed forever when brightly colored moulded plastic shoes with holes in arrived in shoe shops everywhere. We found that we could fashion them individually with jibbitz and us hairdressers could look fashionable and stand for many hours in our hairdressing salons. Now we have discovered that medical staff, whilst… Read More »

Hairdressing for a happy and healthy lifestyle

It is said that hairdressers are the happiest and most content workers in the UK. And why shouldn’t they be? As a profession, hairdressing is a very social occupation. Hairdressers get to meet a large cross section of local people in a relaxed and positive setting. Hairdressing aims to make people look and feel good.… Read More »