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Government Acts

All tools and equipment should be used in accordance with legislation and local by laws. An employer or employee could be liable if found to be ignorant of the salon rules based on the government acts.

To make the running and working of a salon safe for us the environment and for public safety these government acts were past.

  1 - Provision and use of work equipment 1992
  2 - Personal protective equipment at work 1992
  3 - Manual handling operations regulations 1992
  4 - Electricity at work regulations 1990
  5 - Environmental protection 1990
  6 - C.O.S.H.H. act 1989
  7 - Health and safety at work act 1974
  8 - Fire precautions act 1971
  9 - The employers liability act 1969
10 - Ospra 1963

These laws and any information regarding them can be found at Contacting your local health and safety office or library.

Manufacturers of products and equipment are bound by their rules on health and safety and so are we. They must label their products and equipment with instructions, hazards and precautions. When using products or equipment it is important to follow the manufacturers instructions and precautions because all products and equipment are different and you must be made aware of any extra precautions that must be taken.

When handling products you have a responsibility to abide by the guidelines set by the manufacturer of the product, health and safety and the salon rules based on the government acts.

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