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Colds and flu (spread by droplet infection), tinea capitis (a scalp condition) and Impetigo (caused by streptococci) are all fungal, viral or bacterial conditions that can be passed by direct contact or indirect contact from one individual to another, which can cause an infectious condition.

Any suspected hair infections should be reported to the salon owner immediately so that all the necessary precautions can be made to ensure that other clients and staff will not be at risk from the infection (i.e. sterilisation of tools and equipment). Any client suspected of having an infectious condition, like ringworm or head lice, should be tactfully referred to a doctor.

Hair infections can be spread from client to client or from client to hairdresser and in some cases from hairdresser to client. The client may have a very high standard of personal hygiene and pose no risk of infection to anyone, or on the other hand the client may pose the threat of infection. The clients health is very important so to maintain their health it is important not to pose the threat of hair infections to them in any way. Therefore it is important that the hairdresser controls the situation by being healthy and hygienic themselves. Legally the employee's are responsible for their own personal health and safety, and the health and safety of their clients.

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