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Health and Safety in the Hairdressing Salon

Introduction to Health and Safety in the Salon workplace

When we talk about health and safety in the hairdressing salon, we are talking about the safety and well being of clients as well as yourself and other work colleagues. It's about creating a healthy and safe working environment for all. The practice of Health and safety awareness should become naturally part of your everyday working life.

What hazards to look out for in a hairdressing Salon

Some hazards in the salon are less obvious than others. For example:

Hair Waste: During and after a clients hair is cut, the area around the clients styling chair will be covered in small clumps of freshly cut wet hair. If it is not swept away immediately it poses a safety risk to other clients and staff who could easily slip on wet hair.

Chemical Spillage: All chemicals in a hairdressing salon should be treated as hazardous to health. A mixing bowl of pink looking hair tint left lying around may not seem like much of a health risk until a small child eats it thinking it's a tasty bowl of strawberry ice cream. Chemicals should never be left lying around and all spillages should be mopped up off the floor straight away in case somebody slips and hurts themselves.

Salon Waste Disposal
Handling and storing tools and products

Working as part of a team and salon Health and Safety

How does working as a team help with salon health and safety? In a salon there is not just one person responsible for health and safety. It is the responsibility of every hairdresser in a salon to look out for potential hazards and to conduct themselves in a safe way. However, you are not just looking out for yourself.

For example: If you aren't doing anything except waiting for your next client or taking a coffee break and you see another member of staff accidentally spill some hair tint on the floor, whilst in the middle of an application, you should clean it up yourself. The other member of staff can't stop to clear it up in the middle of an application. The same goes for hair or anything else lying around on the floor. If you see it, clear it. Even if it wasn't you who left it there.

Working as part of a team is the best way to achieve a healthy and safe working environment in the salon workplace.

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