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Handling cheques in the salon

Paying by cheque is probably the second most common method of payment in a salon. When receiving a cheque, it must be supported by a valid cheque guarantee card. This card is a way that the client can guarantee that his or her bank will honour the payment up to the amount shown on the card.

A hand written cheque should contain the following information:

1. Name of recipient
2. Date of issue
3. Signature of client
4. Amount in words and figures

The receptionist should verify that a cheque is valid and correct before accepting it as payment. These are the areas to look out for:

1. Check name of recipient is correct
2. Check date is correct
3. Check amount in figures is correct
4. Check signature with specimen on car
5. Check account no. tallies with card
6. Check wording is the same as figures

The guarantee card is handed over with a cheque payment so that the specimen signature on the card can be matched to that on the cheque. The number on the cheque card must be written on the back of the cheque by the receptionist and the date on the card must be checked to see that it has not expired. If a client did not have a cheque guarantee card and the sufficient funds in his or her bank or building society, the cheque would bounce making the payment invalid.

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