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Handling credit cards in the salon

Credit cards are an acceptable method of payment in a salon if the salon owner has applied to a merchant service to be able to accept payment in that way. For example, the salon owner could apply to 'Barkleys Mastercard' to enable the acceptance of that payment scheme for future transactions. This would allow a client with that credit card scheme to pay for hairdressing services.

The two main credit card schemes at the moment are 'Mastercard' and 'Visa'. If a salon is able to accept different forms of credit card payment, it should be made clear to customers by displaying the various credit card symbols in the window or at reception.

Customers will find that paying by credit cards is easy. The customer would hand the credit card to the receptionist who places the card into a machine and runs a lever across to make an impression of the card which holds the information on a voucher. The client is then asked to sign the voucher. One copy is retained and the other is given to the client as a receipt.

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