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Hairdressing for a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

A happy hairdresser at work

It is said that hairdressers are the happiest and most content workers in the UK. And why shouldn’t they be?

As a profession, hairdressing is a very social occupation. Hairdressers get to meet a large cross section of local people in a relaxed and positive setting.

Hairdressing aims to make people look and feel good. Hairdressers are rewarded with appreciation for making their client look good. It is a positive occupation.

But you may be forgiven for thinking that hairdressing is an easy occupation to follow and therefore completely stress free. But it takes 2 to 3 years to become a competent hairdresser and several years to become a good hairdresser with plenty of hard work involved.

There is also a greater hazard that all hairdressers face. The use of hairdressing products or chemicals has been affecting the health and general wellbeing of the humble hairdresser for many years. Due to health problems, like allergies or dermatitis, around 20% of hairdressers are forced to leave the hairdressing industry.

Most of this is due to the inhalation of hairdressing solvents and chemicals leading to allergies or skin contact with chemicals and instruments resulting in dermatitis.

There are also other health problems associated with hairdressing. Standing on your feet for most of the day can put stress on your feet, knees, and back. Lower back pain is particularly attributed to bending over when shampooing. Thumbs and forearm muscles are commonly susceptible to tendonitis when cutting or styling hair.

But not all hairdressers are alike and they react differently to their working environment. A hairdresser could have an immediate allergic reaction to a chemical product. Another hairdresser may have little or no reaction to the same chemical throughout their working life. But another hairdresser may develope a reaction over time.

The salon environment created to make us feel good and the hairdressing services used to make us look good may be causing the opposite affect on a large proportion of hairdressers.

There are always occupational hazards within any industry, but in the hairdressing industry they go largely unseen until it’s too late. Keeping the nations hair looking good can be hazardous work.