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Turning Heads with Hair Etchings

interior of a hairdressing salon

What are hair etchings?

Also known as hair carving or hair tattoos, hair etching is a technique used in hairdressing to add imagery to sections of short hair. For a while now, guys who have predominantly short hair, have been leaving the barbers with a couple of tram lines neatly clippered into their hair to give them a little more individuality. In the last few years however, these tram lines have become more and more detailed. Ditching the clippers and using a cut throat razor has opened the doors to some amazing new hair art.

What is the technique?

A section of the scalp is clippered very short and a cut throat razor is used to shave a freehand design onto the scalp. The design can then be further enhanced by using colour. As hair continually grows, the design will only last 3 to 4 weeks. Think of it as a temporary hair tattoo.

But isn’t this just for guys?

Apparently not! Women too have been very fast to take advantage of this artistic hair technique, using it to accessorize a hairstyle. These bangs everyone is talking about is a perfect example of a style that can be further enhanced by adding a small hair etching.

interior of a hairdressing salon

Why would I want a hair etching?

Imagine for a moment that you are going out somewhere special. You shop for a new dress or outfit and accessorize the look with new earrings, bangles ect. You then get your hair styled and a small hair etching added to the nape of your neck to match your new earrings or the colour and pattern of your dress. Like a temporary tattoo, a small hair etching can bring the whole look together and will definitely turn heads on that special evening out.

interior of a hairdressing salon

Is hair etching for me?

Granted, hair etching isn’t for everyone. But for those daring enough and when it is done right, hair etching can open up a whole new world of fun that you can have with your hair. As they say, the only limitation is your imagination and being temporary means you can have a different hair etching time and time again. Hair etching isn’t just for the guys anymore and women are taking hair etching to an all new level.

All photos in this article by Oojufink