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Salon Resources and Responsibilities

Salon Responsibilities

It is the managers responsibility to take regular stock checks to ensure quality and adequate supply to meet the demand. It is good salon management to keep an inventory of all stock coming in and out of the stock room. Sometimes the manager will leave certain salon responsibilities to staff members to carry out.

For example: A junior, who's main job is washing hair, may be required to check certain stock, like shampoo and conditioner levels. When a certain product is running low a junior should inform the manager who can then order a replacement.

Ordering and Receiving Salon Stock

The manager will order replacement salon stock from a reputable wholesaler. The wholesaler will then deliver the stock with a delivery note or invoice which should contain information on items, volumes, dates, sender and delivery address. The goods should then be checked against the delivery note and moved to a secure location, away from the working area.

Handling Salon Stock

The Health & safety at work act, controls handling salon stock - in the act the following sets of regulations apply:

  • COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health)
  • Workplace (Health, safety & welfare) regulations 1992
  • Manual handling operations regulations 1992
  • Personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992

As well as handing salon stock, rotating salon stock is also very important.

Rotating Salon Stock

When new stock arrives it should be stored with the rest of the stock. The new stock should be stored behind the old stock, so that the older stock will be used first (this is called rotating salon stock).

If the newly ordered stock was stored in front of the remaining old stock, then the old stock could remain unused for some time leading to deterioration and become unusable.

A good rule to go by is F.I.F.O. (first in first out) and L.I.L.O. (last in last out)

Salon Retail Display

When displaying products for retail purposes (sold to clients for home use) product companies will often supply display cabinets. These should be placed in full view of the clients (usually in the reception area) and used to store a small amounts of the full range of products to be sold.

All the employees should have a full understanding of the products on sale, so that any queries by a client may be answered quickly by any member of staff. The salon retail display should be kept clean and dust free.

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