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Maintaining Client Care

Adverse hair and scalp conditions

Adverse hair and scalp conditions may influence shampooing, conditioning, colouring and perming by forcing the hairdresser to inform the client of their hair, skin or scalp condition and either proceed with caution or...
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Head and face shapes

Head and face shapes may influence cutting and perming by forcing the hairdresser to advise the client on which styles would suit their particular face shape and compensate for any style which may not...
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Lifestyle may influence cutting and perming by making the hairdresser aware of the clients needs and choosing a style in line with those needs....
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Hair growth patterns

Hair growth patterns may influence cutting by forcing the hairdresser to be aware of how the hair naturally sits and to cut the hair accordingly or to rethink the style chosen. For example, if a client has a...
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Incompatibility of previous services and products used may influence cutting, colouring, perming and relaxing. For example, if a client has had a previous colouring treatment and wishes to change the colour...
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Recognising Infections

Suspected infection is when a client is thought to have an infectious disease such as impetigo or a fungi infection such as ringworm....
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Recognising Infestations

A suspected infestation is when a client is thought to be infested with insects like head lice or itch mites....
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Skin Tests

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system, which is the body's normal defence against dangerous foreign substances, mistakes a normally harmless substance for an invader, such as a virus....
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Test curls and colour

To see if a clients, possibly over processed hair, can withstand a colour or perm, 3 or 4 small sections of hair can be coloured or permed as a test for possible breakage, incorrect colour or over elasticity....
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Discretion and the DPA

Never talk about clients to other clients or staff and allow clients to talk to you in the strictest of confidence. If this is not up held, the reputation of your salon could be damaged...
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