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It is the managers responsibility to take regular stock checks to ensure quality and adequate supply to meet the demand. The manager should take account of all stock coming in and out of the stock room...
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Ordering and receiving salon stock

The manager will order replacement salon stock from a reputable wholesaler. The wholesaler will then deliver the stock with a delivery note or invoice which should contain information on items, volumes, dates...
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Handling salon stock

The Health & safety at work act, controls handling salon stock - in the act the following sets of regulations apply...
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Rotating salon stock

When new stock arrives it should be stored with the rest of the stock. The new stock should be stored behind the old stock, so that the older stock will be used first (this is called rotating salon stock)...
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Salon retail display

When displaying products for retail purposes (sold to clients for home use) product companies will often supply display cabinets. These should be placed in full view of the clients (usually in the reception area)...
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