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Cutting hair

Three basic hair cuts

One length (bob), In its purist form it is cut completely on the outside shape / edge. Weight and fullness on the outside shape. The whole shape of the cut tends to look triangular, i.e.. more width at the bottom edge than anywhere else...
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Face Shapes

When choosing a suitable hairstyle it is important that your face shape is taken into consideration because remember; what suits one person may not suit another...
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Hair growth patterns

Everybody's hair grows in different ways, and direction can be a critical factor for the hairdresser when cutting. Hair can grow in an adverse direction to the clients desired hair style, and ignoring these hair growth patterns...
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Hair and Lifestyle

Every ones lifestyle varies in many different ways and is taken into consideration when offering a particular style to a client. e.g.. If a client lives a very athletic lifestyle or regularly works in a dusty...
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Hair texture

Face shape, lifestyle and growth patterns are an important part of the elimination process when choosing an appropriate style. Hair texture is important for choosing the right style, but also the right technique...
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Different hair cutting techniques

Club cutting: Sometimes referred to as blunt cutting and often used when cutting the sides and top of the hair. The section of hair is held out from the head and cut off at the points/tips...
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Hair cutting Combinations

All of the techniques used by hairdressers can, and are used in conjunction with one another to gain the individual benefits of each of them. There are three main steps to be taken when cutting, defining, shaping...
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Cutting hair and colouring

Style and colour do go hand in hand when trying to achieve an overall look. Although there are no hard and fast rules as to what colour with what style, other influencing factors must be taken into consideration...
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Cutting hair and perming

If a style is achieved when cutting, it may be possible to exaggerate the overall shape of that style with the use of perming. Hair perming creates more movement on the inside line and achieves a greater lift...
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