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Health, safety and salon security

Health and Safety in the Hairdressing Salon

When we talk about health and safety in the hairdressing salon, we are talking about the safety and well being of clients as well as yourself and other work colleagues. It's about creating a healthy and safe working environment for all. The practice of Health and safety...
Salon Health and Safety

Hair Infections

Colds and flu (spread by droplet infection), tinea capitis (a scalp condition) and Impetigo (caused by streptococci) are all fungal, viral or bacterial conditions that can be passed by direct contact or indirect contact...
Salon Health and Safety

Pests and Diseases of the hair and scalp

Impetigo caused by streptococci. Blisters and dry to form a yellow crust on the outer epidermis of the skin. The bacteria enters through a cut or abrasion. It is highly contagious, especially to children...
Salon Health and Safety

Posture and deportment

Over a period of time poor posture and deportment can damage the hairdresser by causing back injuries, muscle spasms, aches and pains which in turn cause tiredness and irritability...
Salon Health and Safety


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. When preparing and carrying out procedures, involving chemicals, like perming and colouring using personal protective equipment, like gloves and...
Salon Health and Safety

Salon Waste disposal

Aerosols: Fully empty. Don't bend or pierce container. Place in bin that will not contain hot ashes....
Salon Health and Safety

Cross infections

When open cuts and abrasions come into contact with pathogenic micro-organisms an infection will occur. Cross infections are when these are passed from person to person. To stop cross infections...
Salon Health and Safety

Government Acts

All tools and equipment should be used in accordance with legislation and local by laws. An employer or employee could be liable if found to be ignorant of the salon rules based on the government acts....
Salon Health and Safety

Handling and storing tools and products

Cutting tools: Do not store in clothes or pockets. Make shure tools are sterile before storing in a pouch or similar container out of the reach of small children....
Salon Health and Safety

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