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Incompatibility of previous services and products used may influence cutting, colouring, perming and relaxing. For example, if a client has had a previous colouring treatment and wishes to change the colour to an extreme, the required colour may not be achieved due to the amount of processing required. This over processing may damage the hair.

Perm lotion and other chemicals that are applied to the hair might react to other chemicals used. An incompatibility test is used to detect chemicals that could react with hairdressing processes such as colour and perm.

Incompatibility test proceedure:

· Use Personal Protective Equipment.

· Place a small cutting of hair in a dish.

· Pour a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide on the hair (without bending over the dish).

· Watch for signs of bubbling, heating or discolouration; these indicate that he hair contains incompatible chemicals.

The hair should not be permed or coloured if there are any signs of a reaction as this may discolour or break the hair and could burn the skin.

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