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Recognising infestations

A suspected infestation is when a client is thought to be infested with insects like head lice or itch mites.

Recognising infestations - By carrying out a full head and scalp analysis, these infestations can be spotted.

Head lice as adults, are grey and about 2mm long.Their eggs are called nits, they are white and about 1mm long. The eggs are fixed to hairs close to the scalp and are usually in the occipital region.

Itch mites as the name suggests, are very itchy and cause scabies. Their eggs are laid in folds in the skin and can be recognised as tiny red lines beneath the skin.

As well as infestations, infections of the hair and scalp are also important. The hairdresser must be good at recognising infections as well as recognising infestations of the hair and scalp.

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