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Different hair cutting techniques

Club cutting
Sometimes referred to as blunt cutting and often used when cutting the sides and top of the hair. The section of hair is held out from the head and cut off at the points/tips.

Scissor and clipper over comb

Scissor and clipper over comb is a hairdressing method using the comb as a guide for cutting in areas where the hair is too short for a finger guide, as in the nape area and around the ears.

Using the length of the outside line as a guide, the hair is held away from the head cutting away the bulk from the outside line.

with scissors or razor the hair can be thinned to either, increase volume at the root by reducing the weight or to soften the features of a style.

freehand is not a technique but is used at the hairdressers discretion. For example using the features of the head as a guide the hairdresser could cut a straighter first guideline by cutting freehand.

the hair is cut to different lengths to produce a variety of different looks, short hair can be texturized to give a spiky look, long hair can be made to look ragged or less uniform and using a combination of long and short hair more fashionable looks can be achieved.

Hair cutting combinations
All of the above hair cutting techniques can be used in conjunction with each other. There are many hair cutting combinations that can be used to create any number of exciting new hair styles.

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