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Blowdrying Products

A Lacquer that gives hold and support. Used after hair has been dried into shape. Spray where desired.

A wax coating that gives stability with movement. Used when hair is dried into shape. Rub into hands and fingers and apply where desired.

A gel that gives hold and support. Can come in various forms e.g. wet look gel, spray gel. Rub into hands and fingers and apply where needed.

A gel in foam spray form. Used on wet hair before blowdrying to aid the hairdresser and give even hold. Use a golf ball size, apply to hair and comb through before blowdrying.

Colour Mousse
As normal mousse, but with added temporary colour. This may be used to enhance previous colour treatments or to temporarily hide grey. The colour will wash away after the first wash. When applying to the hair remember to wear rubber gloves.

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