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Blowdrying science

Wet hair stretches because the temporary bonds that join the polypeptide chains in the cortex are broken. However, they quickly rejoin into a new shape when blowdrying the hair (also, setting applies or the use of hair straighteners).

Blowdrying can make...

Curly and wavy hair - Straight

Straight hair - Wavy

by breaking the temporary bonds, stretching the hair with a brush and then drying it.

Hair in its natural state, whether curly, wavy or straight, is described as being in an alpha keratin state. When the hair is wetted, stretched into a new shape and then dried, it is in a beta keratin state.

Once the hair is dampened again by shampooing or just by being caught out in the rain then it will go back to its natural state (curly, wavy or straight) and be in the alpha keratin state again.

blowdrying science

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