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Blowdrying Tools

An electrical appliance, in the shape of a hand gun, that blows heat through a barrel like chamber. Used to blow dry wet hair into desired shape. Use on its own for finger drying or in conjunction with a desired brush. Can also use an attachment like a defuser for long, wavy, permed hair.

A very popular blowdrying brush that comes in different sizes. Used to blow dry sections of wet hair to give precision lift, natural looking straight or wavy looks.

A small round brush is a bristle brush used to give tight curl on short to medium hair. A medium or large round brush is used to give loose waves or straightness to medium or long hair.

Looking like the skeleton of a brush, a vent brush allows warm air to pass right through its head. Can speed up drying and give a very natural wavy, textured look.

An electrical appliance used to give root lift or curl to previously blow dried hair. When used on previously blow dried or set hair and combed through using the fingers, gives a very broken up look throughout.

This tool is used to straighten hair. The tool consists of two electricly heated ceramic plates that clamp together. Hair is placed between the plates and gently heated to straighten the hair. Hair straighteners are a temporary solution for removing curls.


A laser comb is used to promote hair growth by stimulating the hair folicles. A laser comb for hair loss can be used on a daily basis by those who suffer from hair loss.

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