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The ICC (international colour code) system is a tool that the hairdresser and client need to refer to during colouring consultation. Shade guides, showing samples of coloured nylon hair, are designed around the ICC system and are needed by the hairdresser to get a clear idea of what shade the client requires. The hairdresser can then determine the correct number of shade to mix.

The ICC system is made up of two sets of numbers, depth and tone. Depth (numbered 1-10) is a description of how light or dark a colour is. Tone (1-8) is a description of the character of colour.

For example, if a client was to choose a dark golden blonde colour from the shade guide, the hairdresser should find that the tint number is 6.3

Please note that all manufacturers of tint products may vary slightly in their use of the ICC system.

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