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The range of Hair Shampoo now available

Hair Shampoo today contains soapless detergents that do not react with hard water like older soap detergents. Soapless hair shampoo is naturally neutral or slightly Alkaline and is very strong in degreasing the scalp.

Hair Shampoo for Greasy hair

The soapless detergents found in hair shampoo for greasy hair will remove the grease but will not prevent greasy hair. A hair shampoo for greasy hair will contain fewer oily or fatty substances.

Hair Shampoo for dry hair

Dry hair shampoo will contain more oily or fatty substances or less soapless detergents. The oils will leave a residue on the hair and will include oils like coconut, olive and almond oils.

Hair Shampoo for damaged hair

These contain broken down proteins in the form of short chains of amino acids which cling to the hair, filling in damaged areas. Hydrolyzed protein or Keratin is usually taken from certain animal waste products like ground cattle hooves, but it's possible to use Hydrolyzed 'human hair' keratin protein, the benefits of which have not yet been realised by major manufacturing companies of hair shampoo to the general public.

Hair Shampoo for colour treated hair

Hair shampoo for colour treated hair has a low Ph value and is beneficial to reduce oxidation damage and close the cuticle to stop colour molecules escaping.

Anti-Dandruff Hair Shampoo

This type of hair shampoo claims to reduce the multiplication of of the epidermal cells and thus, reduce subsequent scaling. The main ingredient used is Zinc Pyrithione. Another ingredient, Selenium Sulphide, which was used for some time, is now rare because so many people are allergic to the sulphur.

Hair Shampoo for Psoriasis

Coal Tar hair shampoo can be beneficial to reduce scaling, but must be left on the hair for a minimum of five minutes to have maximum effect.

Brightening Hair Shampoo

The ingredients range from Camomile, to lighten blonde hair; henna, to increase the redness of brown hair or semi-permanent colorants in hair shampoo bases.

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