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Shampoo and Conditioning Treatments for hair

A scalp whith flaking skin (dandruff) Use a shampoo whith selenium sulphide.
Chemicaly treated hair (i.e.permed etc.) Use a clear liquid soapless shampoo P.H.7 before treatment. Use a soapless shampoo with organic acids (lemon juice, vinegar), ascobic acid, or any anti-oxident treatment, all with a P.H.4.0 to 5.6 after processing.
Damaged hair Use a soapless shampoo whith natural or synthetic, fatt or wax. cationic detergents, deep acting conditioners, restructurants and also high frequency treatment may be benificial. A shampoo whith keretin or other protiens (animal or vegetable) will help to re-build the damaged cuticle.
Dry hair Use any oil or wax based shampoo's, leave in conditioners and hot oil tretments containing almond, coconut or sunflower oils, may help.
Oily or greasy hair Soapless shampoo's whith natural acids i.e. lemon or vinegar. Beer, egg and dry shampoo's will combat oily hair.

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