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Soapless shampoo for hair

The majority of liquid shampoos in use today, are generaly termed as soapless shampoo, are based on the alkyl sulphates, and the most widely used of which is triethanolamine lauryl sulphate. When properly prepared, this substance is particularly suitable for washing hair for two reasons.

1 It does not leave dully deposits on the hair when used in hard water. This is because, when the shampoo reacts with the calcium salts found in hard water, it forms calcium lauryl sulphate. This is a soluble salt which rinses freely from the hair.
2 The finished product occupies a position on the acid to alkali scale equal to about P.H. 7. P.H.7 is chemically neutral. This means that it will not normaly interfere with any chemical hairdressing processes which follow shampooing. More importantly, being non alkaline, it will not normaly cause damage to the hair structure.

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