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Salon reception duty

Salon reception duties

As a receptionist, it is a duty to receive payment from all clients...
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Cash Payments

Paying by cash is one of the most common methods of payment for a hairdressing service. When a client pays for his or her recent hairdressing service by cash, the total cost is seldom rounded off to accommodate...
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Paying by cheque is probably the second most common method of payment in a salon. When receiving a cheque, it must be supported by a valid cheque guarantee card. This card is a way that the client can guarantee...
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Credit Cards

Credit cards are an acceptable method of payment in a salon if the salon owner has applied to a merchant service to be able to accept payment in that way. For example, the salon owner could apply to 'Barkleys Mastercard' to enable...
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Charge Cards

If a large department store offers salon services, a charge card can be used by the client if they have an account there. Charge cards work and are processed in the same way as credit cards....
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Vouchers and Tokens

Vouchers or tokens are a form of payment that a client can use. These vouchers and tokens are bought from the salon in question and are used when the client requires a service or product. ...
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Invalid payments

Invalid payments cannot be accepted by a receptionist. Invalid payments consists of one or any number of faults made by the client on payment, which a receptionist must look out for....
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Fraudulent payments

Fraudulent payments differs from an invalid payment in that it is illegal. An illegal payment might be; forged banknotes (information on this can usually be sought at local police stations, who offer advice and...
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