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There are many different types of hair straighteners to choose from depending on the type of hair you have and the general style you wish to achieve. There are different hair straighteners with features most suitable for long or short hair and ones designed for fine or thick hair. Finding the right one for your type of hair will make it easier to create the styles you want. The wrong one could be frustrating to use and could end up damaging your hair.

Using hair straighteners on a daily basis is not advisable. But if you do use them more than often, heat treatment sprays and conditioners can reduce the adverse affects of using straighteners on a regular basis.

Types of hair straighteners

Chrome hair straighteners

If you have hair that damages easily or hair that is fine or dry then chrome straighteners are not the best choice for you. Chrome hair straighteners are the cheapest type of straightener available on the market and are only really suitable for occasional use as they can damage hair easily when used regularly.

Steam Straighteners

Steam hair straighteners have a function like a steam iron for pressing clothes. You add water to a small reservoir on the straightener. This will produce a small puff of steam from time to time that will help to moisten then quickly dry and straighten the hair. Steam can cause more frizz if overly used and works best for those who have relatively straight hair in the first place. used correctly and only occasionally, steam straighteners are great for ironing out the odd curl.

Gold hair straighteners

More expensive that the chrome straighteners, gold plated hair straighteners are less damaging to hair. If you have normal to thick hair and want to remove frizz then gold plated straighteners should be fine for regular use.

Ceramic hair straighteners

Ceramic hair straighteners are the most popular and most recommended type of hair straightener, both for quality of results and price. Ceramic hair straighteners are good for almost any type of hair from curly hair to fine hair or chemically treated and even damaged hair. They heat up quicker than ordinary straighteners and stay hotter for longer. Ceramic hair straighteners will also stop frizz and leave hair silky smooth and shiny. If you want a hair straightener that you can use on a daily basis that wont damage your hair then ceramic straighteners are for you.

Titanium hair straighteners

New to the market are titanium hair straighteners. These hair straighteners are usually the most expensive but are worth the money if you plan to use them on a regular basis. They heat up extremely fast and should last longer than most hair straighteners.

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